Construction Financing - Commercial

$2,000,000 1st mortgage provided for the construction of a 12,000 sq ft Commercial Office Building in North York, Ontario

Construction Financing (Residential) - 1st Mortage:

$550,000 1st mortgage provided for the construction of two semi-detached dwellings in Edmonton, AB

Residential 1st Mortgage - Caledon, ON

$580,000 loan provided to purchase a new home in Caledon, Ontario, at 94% LTV (with additional collateral 3rd Charge placed on the borrower’s existing house, until the time of the sale of that property)

Residential 2nd Mortgage - Toronto, ON

$42,000 refinance 2nd mortgage on a condominium apartment in Toronto, ON for debt consolidation purposes at 76% LTV.

Commercial 1st mortgage - Winnipeg, MB

$479,000 1st refinance 1st mortgage on a mixed-use commercial property in Winnipeg