Volvo BM L70, Superpac 600, and Superpac 540

Two year lease financing for even older equipment (18 year old equipment) bought from LVG Auction. 

Volvo BM L70(1995), Superpac 600 Smooth Drum Roller 737 hours (1996) and Superpac 540

Dealer Floorplan Facility

Dealer floorplan facility for wholesale inventory financing also available.

Lode King Trailers

Four year lease for two Lode King Trailers in Saskatchewan.

Cottrell 7 Car Haul Trailer

Lease financing for a Cottrell 7 Car Haul Trailer.

MACK Granite Dump Trucks

Lease financing for a MACK Granite Dump trucks

Hino 155-3

Five year lease financing for brand new medium duty truck Hino 155-3.

Table Saw, Forklift, and GMC 7500

Short term loan for various equipment such as Table Saw, Forklift, and GMC 7500.

Stoughton 53' Trailer

Lease financing available for reefer and dry van trailers such as this 2014 new Stoughton 53' trailer