Mercury Mortgages

If you've needed to rely on co-brokering for your private deals with other brokers, your problems are over now.

By dealing with us, you will be dealing directly with the lender and decision maker. This mean you will no longer need to split your fee with another broker.

Institutions use the word "NO" in a different meaning than we do.

When we say "No", it means:

  • No minimum beacon required
  • No income confirmation
  • No gross debt servive (GDS) or total debt service (TDS)
  • No minimum time for being self-employed
  • No need for landed status
  • Non-Owner occupied? No problem!
  • No "in-the-box" thinking (we find creative ways to solve the issues)
  • No waiting more than 24 hrs for a decision (usually the same day)
  • No pre determined products or rates matrix. Each deal treated individually