Why Deal with Orchid Leasing?

  • We are able to meet most of your leasing needs with a wide range of assets that we can fund
  • Furthermore, we are able to close more deals and provide more creative options, especially when it comes to using real estate as a collateral.  We can do this because of our expertise in the mortgage and real estate industry
  • We look forward to a sincere partnership with our clients to help you blossom your business.

         You can expect the following from our business relationship:

        - Fast response and excellent communication with the decision maker
        - Quality service
        - Flexibility and Creativity
        - Competitive Pricing 

FACT  -  Orchids:  In Chinese culture, the orchid represents the Spring season, as well as Integrity and Friendship. In Confucian ideology, the orchid has been associated with the aspects of the junzi (principled, moral gentlemen).  Over the centuries, various literary and philosophical works attributed other virtues to the orchid, such as friendship, loyalty, and integrity.