Leasing Details

Leasing can help preserve your working capital and cash flow. With leasing, you need only a minimal initial investment to get the equipment you need, allowing you to comfortably spread your payments out over time. This helps you to preserve your working capital for the operation and growth of your business.

Leasing can help you:

  • Maintain your Credit. Choosing to lease allows you to keep your available credit line open for operations and short term financing.
  • Off Balance Sheet Financing. Leased items do not show up on the balance sheet because they are rented and therefore can help preserve the company's financial ratios.
  • Hedge against Inflation. When leasing, you are paying for it at today's price while making payments with tomorrow's inflated dollars. As the prices inflate over time, your monthly lease payments remain the same.
  • Increase flexibility. Your needs will grow and change along with your business. With leasing, you have the option to take on additional equipment or upgrade over time.
  • Pay for use. Your monthly payments match the useful life of equipment rather than making a large purchase cash outlay upfront.
  • Tax deductions. Take advantage of deductions from your taxable income with faster write-off and usually lower after tax costs, than compared to purchases or loans.
  • Customized financing. With leasing, you can choose from a wide variety of leasing packages and payment plans to create a financing plan which suits your business.
  • Easy approval. Avoid the strict requirements and long wait associated with traditional financing at the bank. You can be approved within 24 hours and get lease financing within a week!